Louisa Kelley's book cover for Unbidden Dragon, stories about shape-shifting dragons and romance

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Daughters of Draca Book Three

Louisa Kelley's book cover for Nareen of the Draca, a paranormal romance about shape-shifting dragons



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The erotic journey of the Draca’s powerful shape-shifting Queen. Sexy tales of the Draca continue with Nareen, dragon shape-shifter and Queen of the ancient clan of Draca.

Daughters of Draca Book Two

Louisa Kelley's book cover of Cara and the Draca a paranormal romance story about shape-shifting dragons


| Cara is haunted by recent memories of a warehouse explosion that took the life of her best friend and caught her in the blast. Desperate for a way to cover the burns scars on her shoulder, Cara heads for the mysterious tattoo shop in Portland everyone is talking about.

Aedhan, the gorgeous tattoo master, leaves her senses reeling and her knees weak. Just the touch of his talented hands brings welcome relief and a sense of release from her emotional pain… Soon Cara is pulled into an erotic journey of unimagined delight, terror and transformation…

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Daughters of Draca Book One

Louisa Kelley's book cover of Lydia and the Draca, a story about shape-shifting dragons and romance

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Lydia has no idea why an entire race of shape-shifters is lusting after her. They tell her there’s something special about her blood and they want it for themselves… but they don’t actually want her blood. No, they want much, much more. And they want it delivered fresh, hot and as fast as possible…

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Welcome to the World of the Draca –
Dragon shape-shifters of a very different kind

The wonderful publisher of all four of these books is, sadly, closing shop in May 2018. Another casualty of the rapidly changing environment in the publishing industry. However! I am gaining the rights to my books and exciting times are ahead. Stay tuned for the ‘Daughters of Draca’ re-release as a box set sometime this year. (The first 3 books).

UNBIDDEN DRAGON will be released under a different title and publisher sometime next year. Until the end of May, 3 out of 4 books are still available on Amazon and all the usual places.

Four books. Four enthralling urban fantasy stories about the sexy shape-shifting clan of dragons called the “Draca.” Compelling clan needs are forcing them to find their way back into modern society, after hundreds of years of being magically hidden in an alternate reality. Where do they go first? Portland, Oregon of course… A city where the magic of the Dracan Gods, ancient secrets and otherworldly creatures combine in a sizzling mix.

Erotic. Sensual. Dragons…

Louisa Kelley's Unbidden Dragon book cover about shape-shifting dragons and romance


Two Dragons:

Maeven is on a mission. One big and bold enough for her coming-of-age quest called the Fieri, and important enough to gain her a trip off Dracan, the secret, hidden sanctuary of the dragon shape-shifters. success in her once-in-a-lifetime challenge means everything – respect, honor, and the bestowal of her full magical powers. Not to mention doing something vital for the survival of her species.

She’s given strict rules of behavior while living in earth society. Rule number one: keep her true nature hidden. Rule number two: no emotional involvement with humans, despite the age-old, near irresistible attraction between the two races.
Then Maeven meets plucky, devious, adorable Frankie living in Portland, Oregon. Who, as it turns out, accidentally, shockingly, shape-shifted – the night before. Ah. So much for the rules.

Frankie is frustrated with her oddly larcenous life not going anywhere in particular. One fateful weekend, she camps alone in the mountains to gain fresh perspective – with a little help from a baggie of something special. That afternoon, in a crazed, furious confrontation with hunters, Frankie shape-shifts into a dragon. And discovers a race of magical beings who insist she’s one of them, too. Especially the shining, gorgeous, red-head – who promises to teach her so much.


“Louisa Kelly writes with an earthy sensuality that takes my breath away. She is absolutely fearless. You don’t read her stories, you inhabit them…”
— Cathryn Cade, author of Tyger Tyger Burning Bright.


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