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Love Under the Leaves…Isn’t Just for Humans

Sunday, October 2nd, 2016

Autumn is dripping into wet reality and the paranormal creatures of Portland are stirring. Time for new hiding places!  Narrow, green eyes peer out from under soggy piles. Summer sanctuaries are exposed as boughs once laden with thick foliage hang bare. Creatures seeking anonymous quiet in the cityscape are everywhere if you simply open the eyes of wonderment and look.

They, like all of us, seek security, comfort, shelter from the storms and most of all, love. The mysterious dragons – blessed with a dual nature, long for passion. What couldn’t be found in the summer is surely hiding somewhere in the piles of red and orange leaves, the trees shimmering in autumn’s gold light, the full moon casting benevolence and tolerance.

Where are you, my gorgeous, beautiful ones? Can I help you? Kiss you? I, at least, will see you, whisper prayers for your safety and dream of your wings sparkling against azure skies.

paranormal creatures flying in the night sky

Love in the Time of Paranormal Diversity

Saturday, April 16th, 2016

Coming in May! “Unbidden Dragon.” The latest saga of those lusty, gorgeous shape-shifting dragons called the Draca- a hot, fantastical story with a special, tasty twist.  In this book, our characters discover again why the shape-shifting dragons believe: It’s not a matter of WHO you love, it only matters THAT you love. 

bloodmoon expresses paranormal diversity

Meet Maeven, gorgeous, adventurous, dragon shape-shifter. She’s embarked on her coming of age quest, called the “Fieri.”  A journey which takes her, of course, to Portland Oregon, the city that strives to “Keep Portland Weird.” No problem for the Draca. Success in her once-in-a-lifetime urban adventure means everything – respect, honor and the bestowal of her full powers. Not to mention doing something vital for the survival of her species. Along the way, she discovers sizzling forbidden love and the true nature of her sexuality, along with the courage to face the consequences and reap the promised rewards.

Meet Frankie, an attractive, restless, gay woman living in Portland, who doesn’t understand at all why she can’t seem stop her slightly larcenous habits. She longs for her life to make more sense. Little does she know she’s about to find out she carries the DNA of an ancient, shape-shifting species. Oh, that explains so much. Especially when she accidentally shape-shifts into a dragon.

Do dragons love unconditionally? Does gender matter to the shape-shifters? Love is love, as they say. Sure, the dragons haven’t experienced a same-sex couple in six hundred years or so. That doesn’t stop the intensity of feelings between Maeven and Frankie. 

Paranormal implies, by its very term, diversity. Love doesn’t care what gender you are. Love in the time of paranormal diversity – a rich, exciting, sensual time. Maeven and Frankie’s story – coming soon!



Nareen Rocks It

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Dearest Readers, Dragon Lovers, Fantasy Fans…

A few kudos for Nareen of the Draca worth mentioning! You could practically hear my jaw hitting the ground when I casually opened the email link to the awesome ‘Love Romances Cafe” yahoo group that said: 2013 Nominees for Best Paranormal/Fantasy Are… And there was Nareen of the Draca, right at the top! I am thrilled to be a nominee. I mean winning would be great, but hey. The nomination alone made my day. Check out the cool ‘button’ they sent me:

Masquerade mask, beads and feather in sepia

Additionally, I was a featured author on Dawn’s Reading Nook. Dawn is an amazing powerhouse of an internet romance presence. She not only co manages the Love Romance Cafe site, she has her own active blog. I was privileged to be featured on 1/17/14. Here’s the link:

And finally, Long and Short Reviews gave Nareen a 4 star review!

Nareen is rocking it. Yeah!



Lusty Tales of the Draca Continue

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Nareen of the Draca has been insisting on her own story for the last three years. Finally, her time has come! Beautiful, powerful, shape-shifter Queen Nareen is about to embark on a journey that will change her life forever.

Have you ever felt that you needed forgiveness? But in order to receive that, you need to forgive yourself first? Nareen, rarely humble, never apologetic, consumed by her passion to protect her race, has made some grievous mistakes along the way. Yet she continues to work tirelessly, answering the calls of her Gods, responding to the needs of her people. Yet always alone. Longing for the love and lust the rest of her clan is enjoying…And haunted by guilt with what she can never explain to anyone, even herself.

Life gives us rewards and punishments. The Draca, as much as humans, understand the concept of karmic retribution. Couple that with the mischievous whims of the Gods, and splendid, erotic chaos can result. Nareen’s journey is very close to this author’s heart. Her story has simmered, waiting, the entire span of the series. Stay tuned for more off-the-charts erotic adventures of the Draca.