Louisa Kelley

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Love from a Different Angle

Love Under the Leaves…Isn’t Just for Humans

Autumn is dripping into wet reality and the paranormal creatures of Portland are stirring. Time for new hiding places!  Narrow, green eyes peer out from under soggy piles. Summer sanctuaries are exposed as boughs once laden with thick foliage hang bare. Creatures seeking anonymous quiet in the cityscape are everywhere if you simply open the eyes of wonderment and look. They, like all of us, seek security, comfort, shelter from the storms and most of all, love. The mysterious dragons - blessed...

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Louisa Gets Out!

I've been enjoying the opportunities that have come my way recently to blog about various writerly topics on multiple sites. Words are powerful tools! Last week, I posted a piece on the fabulous romance site: "Romance Books '4' Us" that captures the way I feel about connecting with people around my writing. It's titled "Connection - What A Writer Lives For." Here's the link:  https://romancebooks4us.blogspot.com/2016/08/connection-what-writer-lives-for-with.html?zx=9655cc2c2d925549 I did...

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Love in the Time of Paranormal Diversity

Coming in May! "Unbidden Dragon." The latest saga of those lusty, gorgeous shape-shifting dragons called the Draca- a hot, fantastical story with a special, tasty twist.  In this book, our characters discover again why the shape-shifting dragons believe: It's not a matter of WHO you love, it only matters THAT you love.  Meet Maeven, gorgeous, adventurous, dragon shape-shifter. She's embarked on her coming of age quest, called the "Fieri."  A journey which takes her, of course, to Portland...

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