July 1st, 2018

This dragon is being reborn darlings! I’ve found a spectacular new home with the publisher Dirt Road Books, and I’m off on a kick-ass journey into Draca, once again. 

Stay tuned for FIANNA THE GOLD, coming sometime late 2018 or early 2019. Book One of the Shift Series! Women, fantasy, love and magical mayhem…what more could a girl want?

Love When Everything Is Changing

April 15th, 2018

This author is being kicked out of the nest. Sent on her own; being left to her own devices. Aiy! My publisher is folding in May of 2018 and suddenly I will have full control over my books. What to do? It’s a crazy world out there, changing so fast I can barely keep up.

There are plans afoot involving self publishing a box set of the Daughters of Draca trilogy. The book ‘Unbidden Dragon’ is being revised and will most likely be published under a different publisher with a different title. Whoo hoo!

Exciting, terrifying times…All I want to do is write love stories that end happily ever after. The muse is flying, my heart is open and ideas are pouring in. For now, I’m going to let that be enough.

Fiercely Female Warrior of the Heart

July 30th, 2017

     We choose love. Or do we? Choosing the way of the romantic heart is to follow an unpredictable, crazy road of emotion; to invite bliss and pain in varying degrees. And when pain is the result, it’s usually in the the “worst-ever” catagory. No! Yes! No!

So I decided one morning, while ruminating on the state of my own heart and by the same token, current love interest, what a lot of guts it takes to keep ‘going back for more.’ Therefore, my reasoning continued, the way of the heart is surely that of a kind of warrior. I am a – what do I call it? I am a…Fiercely Female Warrior of the Heart!  Who vows to do no harm save to anyone besides myself! I am in hot pursuit of true love, careening down the path of ultimate mystery. A champion to the death of love happily ever after. Despite numerous failures. Miscalculations. Hits and misses and hurt that seemed endless.

More images flood in with these thoughts…I take a determined stance with an invisible sword of love. I swing at the moon, make my play, swallow stars of longing. I sing out a cry, calling, calling. The battle wages in the secret chambers of my own life. Something pure and sweet shakes and shifts in the earthquake of my making. I am trembling, purified.

I can be patient, even with a singing sword. The sun rises and sets, the moon waxes and wanes. Months go by yet still I search, eyes open, heart ready for the next, maybe the final, recognition of love well and truly. I can wait for you. I can keep the road open so you can find me; fearless and still full of hope.


Love Under the Leaves…Isn’t Just for Humans

October 2nd, 2016

Autumn is dripping into wet reality and the paranormal creatures of Portland are stirring. Time for new hiding places!  Narrow, green eyes peer out from under soggy piles. Summer sanctuaries are exposed as boughs once laden with thick foliage hang bare. Creatures seeking anonymous quiet in the cityscape are everywhere if you simply open the eyes of wonderment and look.

They, like all of us, seek security, comfort, shelter from the storms and most of all, love. The mysterious dragons – blessed with a dual nature, long for passion. What couldn’t be found in the summer is surely hiding somewhere in the piles of red and orange leaves, the trees shimmering in autumn’s gold light, the full moon casting benevolence and tolerance.

Where are you, my gorgeous, beautiful ones? Can I help you? Kiss you? I, at least, will see you, whisper prayers for your safety and dream of your wings sparkling against azure skies.

paranormal creatures flying in the night sky

Louisa Gets Out!

August 14th, 2016

I’ve been enjoying the opportunities that have come my way recently to blog about various writerly topics on multiple sites. Words are powerful tools!

Last week, I posted a piece on the fabulous romance site: “Romance Books ‘4’ Us” that captures the way I feel about connecting with people around my writing. It’s titled “Connection – What A Writer Lives For.”

Here’s the link: 


I did another post about heartbreak being an inspiration for writing, on the wonderful “Women and Words” website.

Here’s that linkhttps://womenwords.org/2016/07/31/heartbreak-is-real-life-right-by-louisa-kelley/

And yet another post on Prism Book Alliance, which included musing about the direction my writing is taking and why. 

Louisa Kelley on Unbidden Dragon ~ Guest Blog Rafflecopter Giveaway


Love in the Time of Paranormal Diversity

April 16th, 2016

Coming in May! “Unbidden Dragon.” The latest saga of those lusty, gorgeous shape-shifting dragons called the Draca- a hot, fantastical story with a special, tasty twist.  In this book, our characters discover again why the shape-shifting dragons believe: It’s not a matter of WHO you love, it only matters THAT you love. 

bloodmoon expresses paranormal diversity

Meet Maeven, gorgeous, adventurous, dragon shape-shifter. She’s embarked on her coming of age quest, called the “Fieri.”  A journey which takes her, of course, to Portland Oregon, the city that strives to “Keep Portland Weird.” No problem for the Draca. Success in her once-in-a-lifetime urban adventure means everything – respect, honor and the bestowal of her full powers. Not to mention doing something vital for the survival of her species. Along the way, she discovers sizzling forbidden love and the true nature of her sexuality, along with the courage to face the consequences and reap the promised rewards.

Meet Frankie, an attractive, restless, gay woman living in Portland, who doesn’t understand at all why she can’t seem stop her slightly larcenous habits. She longs for her life to make more sense. Little does she know she’s about to find out she carries the DNA of an ancient, shape-shifting species. Oh, that explains so much. Especially when she accidentally shape-shifts into a dragon.

Do dragons love unconditionally? Does gender matter to the shape-shifters? Love is love, as they say. Sure, the dragons haven’t experienced a same-sex couple in six hundred years or so. That doesn’t stop the intensity of feelings between Maeven and Frankie. 

Paranormal implies, by its very term, diversity. Love doesn’t care what gender you are. Love in the time of paranormal diversity – a rich, exciting, sensual time. Maeven and Frankie’s story – coming soon!



Love and Spring Paranormalness

May 2nd, 2015

Love and spring…the perfect paranormal combination. Isn’t love full of the unexplainable? The shock and wonder of discovery? Love tips us over the edge into another reality, surely this is ‘para-normal.’ Only part normal. Or, not at all. Once, firmly in the hold of newly in-love’s alternate reality, I sideswiped a car because I was so blissed out. Not connected quite to the road beneath the tires. I was barely in the car, floating somewhere in the clouds.


Let’s add spring to the equation. The lush bloom of green, the riot of pink and white cherry blossom petals. The scent of waking fragrance. Spring stirs our senses, wakens us from winter slumber into the desires and pleasures of rebirth. And instinctively we search for the special someone(s) to share our ripening feelings with. Then we plunge, fall, slide down the rabbit hole, out of normal. Into Love and Spring Paranormalness.

May you have a fabulous ride!



Moments Of Grace Are Not Necessarily Paranormal

February 1st, 2015

It is a singular gift to notice the moments of grace when they happen. Perhaps they happen every day, all the time, when we’re not looking. One goes about daily life without expectations that the universe is paying any attention to our puny selves after all. Yet, once in a while, those moments happen. As if the great, kind hand of the universal rhythm notices you and decides to help. Because you need it. Or deserve it. Or it was just your turn, damn it. 

These moments can happen when I am in the most mundane of places. Like the grocery store for instance. One day after work, tired, a list of things to do coupled with a weary sense that I am hanging on by that proverbial thread, I looked down the line of clerks and every one was busy, with a wait at each station that sent me into a small despair. How I hate waiting in line at grocery stores. I eyed my basket and reluctantly concluded I’d go to the self service kiosk. Even though what I really wanted was someone to do it all for me. And out of nowhere sprang a smiling young clerk in red, who commandeered my basket and led me to the self service station where he announced he would “do it all” for me, exactly as if he’d heard my unspoken wish. Cheerfully he rang the groceries, stacked them in bags, made sure I was all set for payment and in a few minutes had me on my way. Surprised and pleased, I tried to make my way out and my recalcitrant cart, which had been giving me wheel trouble, stopped dead on the gray carpet in the cart lobby just inside the front doors. I sighed. What were my options? Haul the groceries across the lobby to another cart. Didn’t want to. Again, that sense of weariness overtook me and the work to transfer carts seemed just…too much. At that instant, yet another smiling store employee came through the front doors and saw my predicament. “Looks like a locked cart,” she clucked. “Here, let me get you another one.” She pulled a new cart over and smiled while I transferred groceries and sent me on my way.

I slid into the front seat of my car, wondering at all the unexpected help.  “Thank you universe,” I breathed. And then it hit me. How much I needed that help. How raw I was from recent heart breaking life events. Then I burst into tears. I made my way slowly through the parking lot to the street, tears rolling down my cheeks, overwhelmed at the reality of the grace I had just received. Nothing strange or paranormal about it. Just a reminder that we are all connected to the great wheel of cause and effect, and sometimes, when we least expect it, we are offered moments of grace. And surely, the greatest gift of all is noticing when they happen. 


Autumn Journey: Falling in Love with the Dark

November 2nd, 2014

It’s finally autumn in Portland and maples with their tall, fiery red and orange offerings silhouette the overcast sky. Lawns that had gone gray and dry from a long season of no rain have bloomed in thin carpets of tiny green sprouts. Amber leaves blanket the sidewalks.

As inevitable as breathing, the season rolls us inward to the dark within our souls. Perhaps, in the beginning, we rail and protest, “Not now! I am not ready to give up the light!”  Yet take heart, for there is a balm to reduce the terror of shadows.

EmbraceFall 2 the dark with love. Fall in love with your hidden, shadow self. Seek it out, lure it to you with promises of tasty treats of self realization. Love the dark; find your treasure buried deep in the molding piles of wet leaves…Treasure slumbers there, waiting all these long months for the turn of shovel and the welcome richness of fall’s enlightening fertilizer.

So here, once again, is my toast of challenge to Autumm’s Journey: “May I love you more than I ever have before.”


                         Fall tree                                                             

Mother of Dragons and Sneak Peak

June 7th, 2014

I saw a t-shirt that said “Mother of Dragons” – of course from the HBO series Game of Thrones. As soon as I laid eyes on that shirt I was instantly in lust. I am the Mother of Dragons! Me me me! Not that upstart in the desert, carting three baby dragons around.  Who has loved dragons all her life? Who was born in the year of the dragon? Who can’t stop writing about those scaly, ferocious, wonderful creatures? And I want one of those t-shirts. Bad.

Speaking of…it’s time for the emergence of more dragons!  Nareen of the Draca is doing well, thank you for asking. Here is a link to her latest enthusiastic review on Amazon: Amazon Review for Nareen of the Draca.

The paranormal creatures in Portland are all out and about and shouting for me to get busy telling their stories.  Here’s a sneak peak of a work in progress titled:

Unbidden Dragon
Trust your instincts, but never forget your prayers.
-from A Tail In Two Worlds

      Who are these people? Frankie stared, as she’d done since they first startled her out of sleep. The three of them were gorgeous. The men towered nearly to the ceiling of the kitchen. Orrie’s red-gold hair hung loose, across the top his broad shoulders. Rippled and thick, it swept along the bladed jaw line, brushed back over a high forehead. Dark green eyes with deeply hooded lids watched her through slits that glinted something. Something that made her stomach clench, her breath catch. Both of them. All of them.

The men responded to her stares by returning the perusal with such slow, heated appraisal her face warmed. Their beauty rattled her wits. Caen seemed the most severe, his entire visage darker. Auburn-red hair pulled back tight and secured in a thick mass with string. Slashes of black eyebrows, higher check bones than Orrie, yet they seemed related. A resemblance of energy if nothing else.

Maeven glowed. Her gorgeousness on the feminine side took Frankie’s breath away. Maeven, nearly as tall as the men, exuded a sinewy, sensual energy, along with a coiled barely held back sense of impatience. She tapped her long fingertips on the table, taking sips of her tea. All three of them carried an aura of something shiny; nearly unreal in feeling, and a mix of darkly sensual energy. If she could just get her brain in order, figure out what happened to her out there, maybe she’d make more sense. Of everything…

All right then! Time for this Mother of Dragons to get busy. Many little dragons to chase and kiss…