Nareen Rocks It

January 19th, 2014

Dearest Readers, Dragon Lovers, Fantasy Fans…

A few kudos for Nareen of the Draca worth mentioning! You could practically hear my jaw hitting the ground when I casually opened the email link to the awesome ‘Love Romances Cafe” yahoo group that said: 2013 Nominees for Best Paranormal/Fantasy Are… And there was Nareen of the Draca, right at the top! I am thrilled to be a nominee. I mean winning would be great, but hey. The nomination alone made my day. Check out the cool ‘button’ they sent me:

Masquerade mask, beads and feather in sepia

Additionally, I was a featured author on Dawn’s Reading Nook. Dawn is an amazing powerhouse of an internet romance presence. She not only co manages the Love Romance Cafe site, she has her own active blog. I was privileged to be featured on 1/17/14. Here’s the link:

And finally, Long and Short Reviews gave Nareen a 4 star review!

Nareen is rocking it. Yeah!



Why Does Romance Always Include Heartbreak?

December 29th, 2013

...Just sayin’. The unpredictable, twisty, sometimes crazy path of romantic love, sooner or later, will break your freaking heart. Possibly over and over. Sheesh, the pain! The bittersweet, horrible, unavoidable pain when things end. You know it needed to end. You know there was trouble. And problems. Yet…while the mind tells you, “this is all for the best,” your heart squeezes in that silent crush of “OMG it’s really over…” Now what? What do you do with that unavoidable hole in your life? Everything that you had somehow gotten used to. The affection and companionship you had come to rely on. How could that be gone? Something you had considered so essential to your daily life. A hundred different things you shared together, did together. Gone. And the silence is deafening. The quiet of being alone again a sharp, searing knife that cuts and slices as you pray for time to dull the edge.

Because you know that it is only time that will eventually heal your wounded heart. If you are lucky, you have sympathetic friends or family to listen and hold you when you cry. When you just need to tell SOMEONE how awful it feels when the romance is over…And while you wipe away your secret tears, hopefully, you will not give up on love. Because to love is to be alive. Yes, even with the possibility of more heartbreak, the hopeful heart will rise and once again, find another, or two or three or more to love. Because, baby, love is all there is.





Erotica as an aphrodisiac

October 6th, 2013

The explosion of main stream acceptance of erotic literature is one that has been puzzling, intriguing, and delighting me. Truly wonderful erotic romance has been available in hundreds of titles by many many talented authors for years. Why the sudden surge? Oh sure, the book-that-will-not-be-named (I refuse to give it any further press, it already has enough) has certainly had something to do with it…But it’s my contention that this acceptance has been bubbling under the surface for years. Waiting for the bigger engines that turn the social media world (i.e. TV and Film) to notice and respond. Key the advent of the TV series  “The Vampire Diaries” and “Lost Girl.” Then, of course, there’s the famous “L Word” and if you like European versions, “Lip Service.” Hot hot hot.

Hotness lives in so many romance books now, ESPECIALLY in the genre of paranormal romance. My dear reader, is your sexual life in the doldrums? Are the hot urges and desires that used to roll through your relationship settled to a dull thud? Can’t figure out how to get more excited, incite more arousal? I have the cure. 

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love

Wikipedia defines ‘aphrodisiac’ as follows: An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire.. The name comes from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexuality and love. (Gotta love those goddesses)..As an easy and readily available aphrodisiac, read passages of erotic sex. Read them to turn yourself on. Read them to educate yourself. Yes, these books can teach you things, believe me. Looking for some ideas to spice things up? Romance authors offer them in spades. You’ll feel the warmth beginning to surge and you’ll see your partner/husband/wife/significant other and suddenly you’ll want to pull them into bed, kiss them deeply…start something wonderful and sexual and hot. Also you can READ OUT LOUD. Find a book of erotic poetry, or a particular passage that turns you on. Read it out loud to your special person, in the sexiest voice you have. Oooh baby. You may be dazzled with the results.

I’m going to continue to write love stories, with eroticism laced in as beautifully as I can. Love to read it, love to write it. Mmmm…I’m starting a new project, using the sensual world of the Draca but incorporating some new elements of a different and spicy nature…Stay tuned.

I’ll leave you with an erotic poem, written by Laura H. Kennedy, (published in the anthology “Passionate Hearts, the Poetry of Sexual Love” edited by Wendy Maltz.).


I like my body when you hover over me
in this fragile darkness
It is as if the moon lingers above in sweet,
suspended honey
lighting the empire of flesh
the garden of wild roses
that makes up
us together.

It is the richness of your lips
as they descend towards me;
I open to you like the petals of a rose
when you tell me
of moonburn in whispers with your
we tremble
like fading galaxies wrapped in silk,
like wind in leaves under
a fading moon.




July 21st, 2013

The final book in my series (series title:Daughters of Draca) releases from Loose-Id on September 17th! Yes, Nareen of the Draca finally gets her own story. This book, along with the other two, can be read as a stand-alone story, or as the last in the series. I admit I cried as I wrote the last scene. I’ve come to love these characters and their amazing, sensual world.  I am delighted with the way the story ends and I think you will be too. There’s enough drama, action and hot, sizzling Draca-style love to satisfy any erotic romance reader- and especially all you dragon lovers.

Speaking of dragon lovers…I dedicated the book to the dragon lovers of the world. Are you out there? Come on in, you’ll be so happy you did!



Lusty Tales of the Draca Continue

May 11th, 2013

Nareen of the Draca has been insisting on her own story for the last three years. Finally, her time has come! Beautiful, powerful, shape-shifter Queen Nareen is about to embark on a journey that will change her life forever.

Have you ever felt that you needed forgiveness? But in order to receive that, you need to forgive yourself first? Nareen, rarely humble, never apologetic, consumed by her passion to protect her race, has made some grievous mistakes along the way. Yet she continues to work tirelessly, answering the calls of her Gods, responding to the needs of her people. Yet always alone. Longing for the love and lust the rest of her clan is enjoying…And haunted by guilt with what she can never explain to anyone, even herself.

Life gives us rewards and punishments. The Draca, as much as humans, understand the concept of karmic retribution. Couple that with the mischievous whims of the Gods, and splendid, erotic chaos can result. Nareen’s journey is very close to this author’s heart. Her story has simmered, waiting, the entire span of the series. Stay tuned for more off-the-charts erotic adventures of the Draca.





Happy Birthday from the Paranormal Creatures of Portland

February 3rd, 2013

dragon_logo2Deep in the heart of winter, you will find my birthday…There it is, dangling at the end of January, as if daring spring to come any closer. Yet with this day, I challenge the gloom. Take that –  rain! Take that –  gray, unrelenting clouds! Take that – icy mornings and sun that never breaks through! It’s time to celebrate life. Celebrate being ALIVE. Forget the dreariness of outside and remember how fortunate it is to simply be alive.

The day after my birthday, and still in a celebratory mood, I took a walk on the Hawthorne bridge, which spans the east and west bank across the Willamette river near downtown Portland. And there it was. Something hidden in the steel supports below the bridge. Bigger than a gull, bigger than a peregrine. A flash of crimson and gold feathers, a glimpse of fierce dark claws. Tiny tendrils of smoke issuing from the head. Unblinking green eyes meeting mine for maybe five paralyzing seconds.

Unexpected joy suffused me. Dragon! And my own innate dragon roared to life. I was born in the year of the dragon, and sometimes, if I am very lucky, the creatures that inhabit the alternate world recognize their own. “Happy birthday!” they seemed to say. “Celebrate your life Louisa! And don’t forget to keep writing about us!”

And that I can do.


Author Madness In Portland

October 13th, 2012

Welcome to my website! You may have found me because of my presence at the Wordstock festival in Portland.

An e-book author doesn’t get many chances to promote herself to the public in person and I am taking full advantage…While the rain falls for the first time in 3 months, myself and the paranormal creatures of Portland are taking a breather, remembering who we are and our special talents…Seeking those who want a hot and spicy story about shape-shifters.

If you are familiar with Portland, you may be interested to know there are small dragons lurking under the Hawthorne bridge. They hide, thinking they will be be mistaken for peregrines. I know better, of course, but they won’t listen to me! So take a peek within those ancient steel trusses, and then immerse yourself in one of my books to better understand what you see.

Dragons adore the water and have informed me that the rain is long past due. ‘Sniff. Such complainers they are…However, gotta love them. And I do.



Now Is All There Is: An August morning in Portland

August 5th, 2012

The August morning sun was rising in the east just behind the trees and the sweet sight of it, along with the promise of a breeze, lured me out of the over-heated house. Following a muse of some sort, I walked toward the river, making my way to a new community garden area atop a small hill with a view of the river and the west banks of Portland. To the north the sun’s rays had already lightened downtown buildings, glimmering and sparking, but near me, to the south, the cool shadows still held. I breathed in the summer morning air and felt blessed and content.

After awhile, I ambled through the neighborhood on a familiar journey, noting shades and curtains tightly drawn against yesterday’s heat and here and there windows open like they never are in the winter. Soon, I know, the breeze will end and heat will settle like a heavy blanket over metro Portland. I revel in this blaze of summer sun; longed for and dreaded both the year long. It won’t last, I tell myself. Just a few days, a few weeks and then we’ll be back to the cool and dim light.

For breakfast I feasted on ripe organic melon that tasted like ambrosia and summer, and munched on  crunchy salted cashews. Perfect. I am, most wonderfully, Here and Now. Reminded that this is all there is. Each moment, strung together, creates an entire life…My writing muse explodes with these thoughts and I can hardly wait to get back to my shape-shifting dragons and the women who love them.

Bliss in the spring sun

April 22nd, 2012

Tulips are blooming and the sun is finally out in sun-starved Portland. All the humans and non-humans alike are emerging from the chilly shadows to the promise of summer in deep blue skies and soft breezes. It is time for tales of love and lust they tell me. Stories of dragons and shape-shifters and the women who love them.

Time to ramp up the yearning and longing. Stories of romance and redemption. My fingers itch in excitement as they fly across the keys, the images tumbling out….Yes! Yes to the possibility of love and a sweet (hot and spicy) happily-ever-after.


Hailing Heartbreak in Portland

March 18th, 2012

What’s a writer to do when she’s enduring her own heartbreak? I ponder this as it hails and rains outside in gloomy Portland- sort of a mirror of the state of my heart. Not that wonderful things aren’t happening as well. The 10-stop blog tour is over and I found and gathered new and old fans and the entire experience was amazingly fun…The task at hand now is to finish book three.

Which leads to my initial question. This writer will have to pen in some heartbreak for my characters I believe. I’ll use the classic formula of “Art imitates Life” and find a way to ease some of my own sadness with my writing muse. Of course, there WILL be a happily-ever-after. That’s the rule for romance. And, as far as I’m concerned, that’s the rule for romance  in real life too.

I can see a tiny break in the gray clouds, the faintest blue peeking out with a wispy promise of spring. It’s the spring equinox next week. The paranormal creatures are stirring, the dragons are taking wing over Mt. Hood and this writer intends to make a fresh start, easing heartbreak and telling more tales of the Draca.