Louisa Kelley

Fantastical Tales of Uncommon Romance

It’s finally autumn in Portland and maples with their tall, fiery red and orange offerings silhouette the overcast sky. Lawns that had gone gray and dry from a long season of no rain have bloomed in thin carpets of tiny green sprouts. Amber leaves blanket the sidewalks.

As inevitable as breathing, the season rolls us inward to the dark within our souls. Perhaps, in the beginning, we rail and protest, “Not now! I am not ready to give up the light!”  Yet take heart, for there is a balm to reduce the terror of shadows.

EmbraceFall 2 the dark with love. Fall in love with your hidden, shadow self. Seek it out, lure it to you with promises of tasty treats of self realization. Love the dark; find your treasure buried deep in the molding piles of wet leaves…Treasure slumbers there, waiting all these long months for the turn of shovel and the welcome richness of fall’s enlightening fertilizer.

So here, once again, is my toast of challenge to Autumm’s Journey: “May I love you more than I ever have before.”


                         Fall tree