Louisa Kelley

Fantastical Tales of Uncommon Romance

What’s a writer to do when she’s enduring her own heartbreak? I ponder this as it hails and rains outside in gloomy Portland- sort of a mirror of the state of my heart. Not that wonderful things aren’t happening as well. The 10-stop blog tour is over and I found and gathered new and old fans and the entire experience was amazingly fun…The task at hand now is to finish book three.

Which leads to my initial question. This writer will have to pen in some heartbreak for my characters I believe. I’ll use the classic formula of “Art imitates Life” and find a way to ease some of my own sadness with my writing muse. Of course, there WILL be a happily-ever-after. That’s the rule for romance. And, as far as I’m concerned, that’s the rule for romanceĀ  in real life too.

I can see a tiny break in the gray clouds, the faintest blue peeking out with a wispy promise of spring. It’s the spring equinox next week. The paranormal creatures are stirring, the dragons are taking wing over Mt. Hood and this writer intends to make a fresh start, easing heartbreak and telling more tales of the Draca.