Louisa Kelley

Fantastical Tales of Uncommon Romance

 There’s been grumbling from Forest Park in Portland; apparently small groups of secretive paranormal creatures are feeling abandoned. Of course, Louisa has not gone away, she merely fell in love, and her story and theirs  went right out the window for a while. However, she has heard the complaining whispers floating in the dark…And she’s about to remedy the problem.

Louisa has found another dragon shape-shifter, living in a tattoo shop of all places. In Portland. And there’s a woman as well. Of course. Cara. She’s a massage therapist and a member of a dragon boat racing team. In the new story coming in January, Cara meets Aedhan, our mysterious tattoo artist with strange skills and tattoo ink imbued with something powerful. He’s a most paranormal creature and quite the eccentric, charming character.

He takes Cara on the ride of her life, all the while keeping a powerful truth secret from her. Incredibly, Aedhan discovers her blood carries a trace of an ancient DNA bloodline of Draca. And that means Aedhan and the shape-shifters called the Draca, have found yet another human daughter of Draca. This has huge ramifications for Aedhan and the Draca. How to break the news to Cara? And what about the secret Aedhan carries about the true purpose of the tattoo shop?…Stay tuned.

Here in Metro Portland, as the rich Autumn swell of trees lose their gold and red leaves to the chilly winter ground, all is well. The creatures are settled, waiting for the story to be told. They continue to hide from the day and the dangerous light of humans. They talk to only one, their favorite person, the woman who dares to spin tales of otherworldly romance. No one loves a good romance more than the local vampires and shape-shifters. And perhaps, a fairy or two. They eagerly await the January 2012 publication online of the story called “Cara and the Draca.”