Louisa Kelley

Fantastical Tales of Uncommon Romance

Life is good in summer Portland. The sun blazed us to the high nineties and golden heat radiated down on everyone and everything. For Portland citizens, the day called for immediate cessation of any work that didn’t involve going outside.

As I  laze in the backyard with the rare warm August breeze across my skin and the lengthening evening shadows darkening my quiet street, I feel the spirits of the paranormal at rest….My vampire disappeared at the first hint of 80 degree weather, and the werewolf has fled to a cool ravine in the Gorge. All of us, the humans and the ‘others’ take a well deserved break for the short, deliriously wonderful summer season of Portland.

Perhaps our ‘other’ citizens  are run from the parks by the plays and the music and the movies. They have left us, for now.  And yet I feel them even so. They too, are enjoying. Laying back somewhere secret and breathing the scented summer air.  Summer air smells completely different than any other time. Dry grasses and leafy trees and hot cement and gardens and newly growing things…

And what about dragons, you may ask? Forgive the segue, but you must know of my passion for mythical creatures and dragons most of all.  Last Monday night I was the guest blogger on a wonderful website about all things paranormal. Authors are invited to post something informative and interesting, about anything and everything to do with the paranormal/romance/magical world. It was my honor to write about dragons, of course.

I had some great responses and it was a total blast to do. I really thank Lynda Hilburn for the invite to post. Check it out at:https://paranormalityuniverse.blogspot.com/  I’m listed on the left as a guest blogger. Click on it and you’ll see my very dragon-esque post!

Do you suppose that was a dragon I saw crouched underneath the Hawthorne bridge? The Hawthorne turned 100 years old this year. Had it’s very own party. I sure hope all the craziness didn’t scare our dragon away. Dragons…more rare than a Portland summer day.

Here’s to Summer!