Louisa Kelley

Fantastical Tales of Uncommon Romance

Paranormality in Portland ruled last night with a witchy moon suspended over the sparkling lights of downtown Portland. A crystal clear night, near freezing in temperature but who cares. It wasn’t raining! As I drove west on Sandy Boulevard I caught my breath in wonder at the sight before me. Across the river twinkling lights of buildings acted as backdrop under a glowing yellow moon. The moon appeared like the bottom half of a bowl, suspended in a thick beautiful slice as if the buildings themselves were holding it in the sky. As I drove further west, the moon began dropping behind the buildings until finally disappearing with a tiny glow from one point, a single pinprick of light between tall buildings…

I could hear the creatures of paranormal Portland howling in delight. Perhaps if I had been able to observe just a little longer, I may have seen the brief outline of an ecstaticĀ  dragon winging across the burnt umber expanse of moon.

This town inspires fantasy in every cell of my writer’s heart. To find out more about my Portland inspiration, check out my online interveiw by Christy Caughie at: