Welcome to the World of the Draca –
Dragon shape-shifters of a very different kind


The original publisher of the Daughters of Draca Trilogy, closed shop in May of 2018, and due to that, none of the books are currently for sale. However! I have gained full rights to all the books and exciting times are ahead. Stay tuned for the ‘Daughters of Draca’ re-release as a box set sometime in the next year. (The first 3 books, Lydia and the Draca, Cara and the Draca, Nareen of the Draca).

You can, however, feast your eyes on these gorgeous covers and imagine the sexy fun inside!………………and then check out WHAT’S NEXT!



is undergoing a spectacular dragon rebirth and complete rewrite as FIANNA THE GOLD, under the expert guidance of my new publisher, Dirt Road Books. I am thrilled with the expanded story and enthralling new take on the passionate women shape-shifters of Draca. It is book one of an exciting shape-shifting, female romance trilogy titled:The Shift Series

I can’t wait for you to meet the sisters Draca: Fianna, along with her cohorts in magical mayhem, Guin and Orla; and Abbie, the Portland woman who finds out she’s part dragon. MUCH MORE ON THAT SOON! 

   FIANNA THE GOLD, Book One, Coming Soon!

                Erotic. Sensual. Dragons…


What has come before and will again:

Daughters of Draca Trilogy: Three enthralling urban fantasy stories about the sexy shape-shifting clan of dragons called the “Draca.” Compelling clan needs are forcing them to find their way back into modern society, after hundreds of years of being magically hidden in an alternate reality. Where do they go first? Portland, Oregon of course… A city where the magic of the Dracan Gods, ancient secrets and otherworldly creatures combine in a sizzling mix.

“Louisa Kelly writes with an earthy sensuality that takes my breath away. She is absolutely fearless. You don’t read her stories, you inhabit them…”

— Cathryn Cade, author of Tyger Tyger Burning Bright.