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Dragons have been magically hidden for over a thousand years …
… and they’re coming back.

Welcome to The Shift Series.

Be prepared for some awesome shifting.

Exciting Announcement!

I’m gaining the rights to my books! In the near future, I will be re-uploading the newly revised books to all of the platforms as a self-published author. Woohoo!

This means that effective June 1, 2022, the current versions of both books will be taken down from Amazon and everywhere else. You will not be able to purchase a book until I re-publish.

In the meantime, I’m hard at work finishing book 3 of the series. Imagine a boxed set of all three books sold together! Imagine super sales (buy one get the first one free!) and discounted prices and give-aways. All of this will be coming your way soon. To all of my readers, thank you so much for your support these last three years. I look forward to continuing to dazzle you with more fantastical tales.

Orla The Ruby
Dragons. Chaos. Romance.

In production.
Publication date by early 2023

The Saga continues!

Book Three of The Shift Series

Conclusion of the series.

The Queen and Council on Dracan have been keeping a Very Big Secret. Everyone thinks that Abbie was the first human-dragon hybrid. However, three years prior, another hybrid female named Sydney, had been found in Portland and something went very, very wrong. So wrong, that word of her existence has been kept secret from the greater community. Stranger still, at Sydney’s insistence, she was allowed to stay on Earth and not join the Draca in their world.

However, the self-inflicted, social media upheaval over the last few years have made the Draca newly concerned about leaving a human with full knowledge of their existence alone in Portland with no supervision. They need to make sure she’s not giving away their secrets. Yet, oddly, no one on the Council wants to make the trip to Portland to check on her, including the Queen. Instead, they send Orla on a mysterious mission to track her down and find out what she’s been up to.

Orla finds a deeply traumatized young woman who is furious at the Draca. Why is she so angry? It’s clear that the usual dragonly secrets are hiding the truth and even Sydney doesn’t want to tell her what happened three years ago. The immediate attraction between them only complicates matters, made worse one terrible night when Orla tries to force the truth from Sydney’s mind.

Anger, love and secrets rule the mission. Complicating elements include the Forbidden Forest, where an ancient Sapphire Draca named Maeve still lives, along with the last fairy in existence. The powerful, old Draca is connected mysteriously to Sydney. Magic manipulates Sydney into the Forbidden Forest, while it rejects everyone else except her extraordinary cat, Charlie. Charlie the cat has his own mission, which is drenched in secrets like everything else.

Everyone is seeking redemption and forgiveness. Orla just doesn’t fully understand what needs to be forgiven, there’s so many damn secrets. The truth shocks her, as it shocks the rest of the dragon community. In the end, the mission forces the Draca to grapple with hard truths about their behavior and decide what kind of community they really want to be. And offers to Orla and Sydney a chance at a very unlikely love.

Guin The Emerald
Dragons. Chaos. Romance.

Guin The Emerald bookcover by Louisa Kelley

Coming again soon

“If you are prepared to gamble your gold on a different kind of shifter novel, ignite the flames of a fiery romance and have your heart slain by dragons…sink your claws into this gem of a series.”

~The Lesbian Review

“Guin the Emerald is a delightful romp of an adventure.”

~Amazon Reader

Book Two of The Shift Series

Things aren’t going so well for the dragons.

A mysterious, disastrous break in the magic between the Draca’s secret world and Earth, is causing dangerous and frightening effects. Guin of the Draca is on a supervising mission at the Draca’s hidden cabin in the Oregon mountains. She’s been keeping an eye on Miriam, the human woman guilty of evil deeds against the dragons, who’s been on house arrest at the cabin, working off her debt. Guin’s dragon is still furious with Miriam. Guin, not so much.

All of that stops when the magical chaos reaches Earth and disconnects them from communication with Dracan. Guin is tasked with an urgent new mission to hunt for answers to the looming catastrophe, using hints from an ancient prophecy as her guide. She’s forced to partner with Miriam, while they follow the improbable leads from the prophecy to a fantasy theme park in Oregon. Misadventures at the park explode into a social media nightmare.

Miriam is desperate for the dragons to forgive her. Her growing feelings for Guin are an insane complication and she struggles with how to behave in such a radically different reality. Her chance for redemption comes when the two of them are tasked with finding a missing teenage dragon, magically lost somewhere in Oregon, however unlikely that seems. As if that wasn’t enough, an ancient prophesy seems to be hinting that a real dragon egg might still be in existence, and is somehow connected to the prophesy with the power to save their world. Together, Guin and Miriam embark on an unprecedented mission that will change everything for both of them.

Fianna the Gold
Dragons. Chaos. Romance.

Fianna the Gold Bookcover by Louisa Kelley

Coming again soon

Book One of The Shift Series

The dragons return to Earth.

Abbie is a compulsive jewel thief whose life hasn’t been making much sense. On a solo camping trip in the forests of western Oregon, she’s attacked by mysterious men and the event triggers a shift within her that she doesn’t understand and refuses to believe.

Fianna, Orla, and Guin are dragon shape-shifters living in secret in a magically hidden cabin in the mountains of Oregon. Fianna’s on a redemption quest to locate the rare human-dragon hybrid whose Draca DNA has been triggered and deliver the fledgling to the dragon community. As it turns out, Abbie is that magical being. With her two sisters’ help, Fianna must protect Abbie from nefarious forces that seek to exploit her, as well as from humans, who must remain oblivious to the existence of shape-shifters.

But Abbie’s a handful, as Fianna soon learns. Wrangling a strong-headed mischievous hybrid who has no idea of her own powers proves to be a frustrating mission. They have to move fast, before it’s too late and their secret existence, both on earth and in an alternate reality, is revealed by their unwitting, young dragon.

Abbie is hunted by a human who knows her secret. Abbie has to come to terms with who and what she is, but who can she trust? When she encounters the three dragons, the events that follow rock the dragon world and threatens the safety of its inhabitants. The circumstances bring Abbie and Fianna into sizzling contact, and they both end up with more than they expected.

Throw in a conniving, thousand-year-old dragon with dementia determined to capture Abbie in Portland for his own purposes, and you’ve got…delicious, magical, dragonly fun. Everyone wants Abbie, especially Fianna, and it’s a race to see who gets to her first.

From Amazon 5-Star Reviews

5 stars

“In Fianna the Gold, Louisa Kelley has combined intriguing, intricate world-building with appealing characters in an original take on shapeshifting dragons. The settings shift as well, between contemporary Portland, Oregon and the alternate world of Dracan. The plot and details are complex enough to require close attention, well rewarded by the colorful descriptions and emotional and sensual highlights.”

“The story will grab you the beginning and reel you in until the end. Can’t wait for the next story in the series. What a wonderful new world of dragons to explore.”

“I am so looking forward to the next book of this series! Even better would be that this book and the others to follow, be allowed to be brought to life on the big screen. The characters, the story, the scenery, and of course, the dragons, deserve this!”

“Fianna the Gold is such a fun read. The author, Louisa Kelley, uses fantasy, love, wit, the Pacific Northwest, and of course dragons, to create a story that will pull you in and not let go.”