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Coming to you in 2019!
FIANNA THE GOLD is book one of an exciting new female shifters romance trilogy titled:The Shift Series. This will be my first book with my rocking new publisher, Dirt Road Books.
Dirt Road Books welcomes Louisa Kelley

July 3, 2018, Vancouver WA – Dirt Road Books has officially signed author Louisa Kelley.

Louisa Kelley has signed Fianna the Gold with Dirt Road Books.

Louisa Kelley is the author of well-regarded erotic paranormal stories. Her writing features sensual romance, intrigue, fantasy, and magic, many with modern day characters based in Portland, Oregon.

“Louisa Kelley lives her life with a vigor that most people talk about but can’t quite figure out how to embrace,” said Jove Belle, Dirt Road Books owner and award-winning author and editor. “That enthusiasm colors her writing, resulting in dynamic, vibrant stories. I’m excited and honored that she selected Dirt Road Books to be a part of her publishing journey.”

Louisa happily crafts tales of gorgeous and mysterious shape-shifting dragons, magical mayhem, and hot romance, and is excited to continue her craft with Dirt Road Books.

“Louisa Kelley writes fantastic stories about hot blooded dragon shifters. Her plots zing—loaded with action, sex, and Machiavellian double dealing,” said Gill McKnight, Dirt Road Books owner and author of the acclaimed Garoul paranormal series. “Her Draca series is a fabulous universe to get lost in starting with Fianna the Gold.”

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Louisa is also a member of Romance Writers of America.

I can’t wait for you to meet the three extraordinary, sexy, women of Draca – Fianna, Guin and Orla, cohorts in fantasy mayhem and romance. They’re on a secret mission to Portland, Oregon, desperate to find Abbie, a woman living there who doesn’t realize she’s part dragon. Yet. She will though, starting when she accidentally shape-shifts in a public park. Chaos! 

  Fianna The Gold
Coming in 2019


“Louisa Kelly writes with an earthy sensuality that takes my breath away. She is absolutely fearless. You don’t read her stories, you inhabit them…”

— Cathryn Cade, author of Tyger Tyger Burning Bright.