Louisa Kelley

Fantastical Tales of Uncommon Romance

Love and spring…the perfect paranormal combination. Isn’t love full of the unexplainable? The shock and wonder of discovery? Love tips us over the edge into another reality, surely this is ‘para-normal.’ Only part normal. Or, not at all. Once, firmly in the hold of newly in-love’s alternate reality, I sideswiped a car because I was so blissed out. Not connected quite to the road beneath the tires. I was barely in the car, floating somewhere in the clouds.


Let’s add spring to the equation. The lush bloom of green, the riot of pink and white cherry blossom petals. The scent of waking fragrance. Spring stirs our senses, wakens us from winter slumber into the desires and pleasures of rebirth. And instinctively we search for the special someone(s) to share our ripening feelings with. Then we plunge, fall, slide down the rabbit hole, out of normal. Into Love and Spring Paranormalness.

May you have a fabulous ride!