Louisa Kelley

Fantastical Tales of Uncommon Romance

Welcome to my website! You may have found me because of my presence at the Wordstock festival in Portland.


An e-book author doesn’t get many chances to promote herself to the public in person and I am taking full advantage…While the rain falls for the first time in 3 months, myself and the paranormal creatures of Portland are taking a breather, remembering who we are and our special talents…Seeking those who want a hot and spicy story about shape-shifters.

If you are familiar with Portland, you may be interested to know there are small dragons lurking under the Hawthorne bridge. They hide, thinking they will be be mistaken for peregrines. I know better, of course, but they won’t listen to me! So take a peek within those ancient steel trusses, and then immerse yourself in one of my books to better understand what you see.

Dragons adore the water and have informed me that the rain is long past due. ‘Sniff. Such complainers they are…However, gotta love them. And I do.