Louisa Kelley

Fantastical Tales of Uncommon Romance

...Just sayin’. The unpredictable, twisty, sometimes crazy path of romantic love, sooner or later, will break your freaking heart. Possibly over and over. Sheesh, the pain! The bittersweet, horrible, unavoidable pain when things end. You know it needed to end. You know there was trouble. And problems. Yet…while the mind tells you, “this is all for the best,” your heart squeezes in that silent crush of “OMG it’s really over…” Now what? What do you do with that unavoidable hole in your life? Everything that you had somehow gotten used to. The affection and companionship you had come to rely on. How could that be gone? Something you had considered so essential to your daily life. A hundred different things you shared together, did together. Gone. And the silence is deafening. The quiet of being alone again a sharp, searing knife that cuts and slices as you pray for time to dull the edge.

Because you know that it is only time that will eventually heal your wounded heart. If you are lucky, you have sympathetic friends or family to listen and hold you when you cry. When you just need to tell SOMEONE how awful it feels when the romance is over…And while you wipe away your secret tears, hopefully, you will not give up on love. Because to love is to be alive. Yes, even with the possibility of more heartbreak, the hopeful heart will rise and once again, find another, or two or three or more to love. Because, baby, love is all there is.